NAL Business Travel Policy: What Clients need to know when Travelling to the US

With everything going on in the world right now related to travel and safety, it’s important you understand how the NAL Business Traveller: Out of Country/Province Emergency Medical Coverage plan (BT plan) can help your clients. Make sure your client has the BT plan in place before leaving their Province of residence, and inform them they are to carry the Membership card with them while travelling for work. Should one of your clients be travelling for work and require hospital admittance for a sickness or an accidental injury, the NAL BT plan is there to provide the necessary coverage for the hospital expenses incurred. Please keep in mind, this BT plan is through Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IA) and it is administered by NAL. This means all claims must be submitted to IA directly. NAL is happy to be of assistance during this time, but IA is the company that will set up any and all required services.

What your client, or someone on their behalf, needs to do as soon as possible after the incident is call the 24 hour IA Emergency Assistance number at 1-800-255-2008 and provide them with the policy number 100011398. IA will need to confirm the client’s coverage before proceeding, and then they will be able to assist in providing the services needed whether that means facilitating a return home, transporting the client to another hospital for care or anything in between.

Once the client is home, they will be required to complete and submit some claim forms to IA in order for the claim to proceed. From here on out, IA will deal directly with the hospital the client attended for the incurred expenses. Should your client receive a bill from a hospital, they should forward it on to IA to be dealt with.

In addition, please be advised that currently due to the Canadian Government’s non-essential travel advisory ban, the BT Coverage will not cover your drivers should they choose to travel for vacation/leisure/personal, no matter what condition manifests. This will remain in effect while the Canadian Government’s travel advisory ban is in place.

Should you or your clients have any additional questions about the BT plan coverage, please feel free to contact our Head Office at 1-800-265-1657 and our team would be pleased to provide further clarification.