Making Truck Insurance Premiums more Affordable with Buydown Insurance

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and more fleets have been forced to raise their deductible to help maintain affordable premiums. Deductible buydown insurance has become a popular solution to help fleets and OO’s manage their costs. Donny Cunha, Partner, and Account Executive at JDIMI said, “I think you with find buydown will become more of a necessity [...]

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Thank a Trucker Initiative

NAL Insurance has recently developed a new initiative to support drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future, and the team has been busy with weekly events, merchandise sales, and a new trailer wrap which will be unveiled next month. The initiative, named Thank a Trucker, works to showcase the hard work and dedication [...]

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Mental Wellness Coverage with NAL Insurance

NAL is now providing Mental Wellness coverage through a partnership with Shepell. As the leading provider of WSIB/CSST Alternative Solutions to fleets in Canada, we insure more than 300 Fleets and over 10,000 Owner-Operators. Listen as Glenn Caldwell, VP of Corporate Development, discusses NAL Insurance and how its benefiting Owner-Operators and fleets alike. Glenn covers [...]

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The majority of Fleets in Ontario and Quebec have allowed their Owner/Operators (O/O’s) to opt out of WSIB and purchase a private alternative solution that covers their O/O’s 24 hours/7 days a week for accidental injury.  It’s important to understand that there is a process that needs to be followed in order to reduce your [...]

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Broker Partners Reference List – November 2018

See what our Broker partners are saying about NAL Insurance!   “Too many fleet owners leave it up to their O/O’s to select their own WSIB alternative plans leaving their own policy exposed. Selecting the NAL Solution ensures that your O/O’s have the right coverage at special fleet pricing removing all the gaps” Donny Cunha, [...]

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CRA: Withholding and Reporting Requirements

CRA: Withholding and Reporting Requirements come tax time for owner-operators. Source: CRA Website EMPLOYEES If you are an employee, your employer will deduct Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI) premiums, and income tax from your pay. The income taxes deducted, together with your and your employer’s share of CPP and EI, will [...]

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Feedback from Primary Insurance Companies

Read feedback from primary insurance companies in regards to NAL Insurance's WSIB Alternative coverage for trucking fleets and owner-operators in Canada.   "When an insured carrier allows their Owner/Operators to opt out of workers compensation coverage, we at The Guarantee look for best practice controls to be in place to help protect the [...]

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Workers Comp can be Under Compensating

  Could Workers Comp (WSIB) under compensate you? Contact NAL Insurance and see what your other options could be in the case that you were injured and unable to work.     Here’s a scary workers’ comp story to tell your grandkids. Once upon a time, an Ontario-based owner-operator suffered a work-related injury. [...]

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Good Driver App Rewards Good Truckers

LONDON, Ont. — NAL Insurance has launched a new free mobile application, Good Driver, designed to rank truck drivers by overall driving performance. According to the insurance group, the app, named Good Driver, will be available for both iPhone and Android users as part of a pilot project in February. The app tracks driving behaviour, [...]

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Healthy Trucker to release educational videos during wellness challenge

LONDON, Ont. – Healthy Trucker has announced a new series of wellness training videos for drivers. Videos will be released weekly during the Healthy Fleet Challenge, and will be open to all participating teams. The training videos have been created to help drivers get the education they need to make better choices while out on [...]

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