Resolving Complaints – NAL Insurance Inc.

DEFINITION OF A COMPLAINT: A statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable. A Reportable Complaint is defined as a complaint that is reviewed by a person of the Company specifically designated for that purpose.

All NAL staff are committed to treating NAL customers with the greatest respect and consideration deserved to ensure they are provided with the highest level of service. They understand misunderstandings occur or that you may feel you were dealt with unjustly. Whatever the circumstance; resolving the problem for you is their primary concern.


NAL’s Resolution Approach

In most cases, NAL is able to resolve your complaint quickly and simply by just talking it through and discussing it directly with you. Upon receiving a complaint from a customer, NAL will assume responsibility to resolve the complaint by the most reasonable means necessary. Every effort will be made to resolve the issue within an agreeable time period for you. However, if the issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, your complaint will be referred to the Manager of the department that your complaint is concerning.  Again, the Manager will thoroughly discuss your complaint with you and will take the necessary steps available in order to rectify the situation. Should the Manager not be able to resolve your complaint, you would then be referred to NAL’s Ombudsman.

Should your complaint be escalated to the Ombudsman, if you haven’t done so already, you would be required to formally submit your complaint in writing to the Ombudsman. Please address your complaint to the following address:

NAL Insurance Inc.
361 Dufferin Ave.
London ON N6B 1Z5

Tel: 1-800-265-1657
Fax: 1-800-265-3446

NAL asks that you detail your complaint and the dissatisfaction you are experiencing. If you are experiencing dissatisfaction with the department in question or with the process that was followed by the department, please detail that as well. The Ombudsman will contact you directly regarding any questions he/she may have and ultimately with their summary/solution of the complaint.

If you formally advise the Ombudsman in writing that you are dissatisfied before advising the appropriate operational level, the Ombudsman will log the complaint, but still may return it to the operational level for handling.


Steps Followed in Handling Complaints

  • NAL verifies you are a policy owner or a person authorized to act for the policy owner;
  • NAL clarifies the nature of the complaint, if there was an incident, who was involved and what response you are looking for;
  • NAL investigates the incident by speaking to all parties involved, reviewing files, invoices, notes and other applicable documentation. A confidential complaint file is maintained with NAL and all information related to the complaint is logged. Documentation may include:
    • A copy of the initial complaint letter or phone call,
    • Copy of the acknowledgement letter and date on which the complaint was received,
    • Client’s name and contact information,
    • The name and contact information of any employee or department mentioned in the complaint,
    • The letter informing the client of the decision and reasons for the decision,
    • Other relevant documents,
    • The date the file was closed;
  • All records and information will be maintained in accordance to privacy regulations/requirements;
  • When NAL proposes a resolution to you, they will identify what actions are necessary in order to implement the solution;
  • NAL will confirm you are agreeable to the solution before implementation;
    • If so, the solution will be implemented,
    • If not, then the Manager/Ombudsman will be involved or another solution will be proposed;
  • Once the Ombudsman opens your file, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt of the complaint. The acknowledgement will inform you of the following:
    • the date the complaint was received,
    • the name and contact information of the Ombudsman assigned to help you,
    • the estimated processing time for your complaint,
      • however, all complaints will be processed within 20 business days from the time the complaint file is complete. If necessary, this period may be extended to ensure satisfactory handling of your complaint. You will be kept informed of the progression of the processing of your complaint;
  • NAL records all details of your complaint in their internal system and if requested, documentation of the complaint and resolution can be made available to you.


Accountability & Responsibility

After each complaint the NAL staff member, Manager or Ombudsman will be responsible for promoting the understanding and awareness of the nature of your complaint to NAL staff members (without mention of your name or information) so that similar situations are dealt with accordingly going forward.

If any complaints remain unresolved by NAL for which you require further assistance, you may contact the Underwriter or Service Provider for the particular plan you have concerns with. Please see the listing of NAL’s Underwriters and Service Providers below:


Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

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Green Shield Canada

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Foresters Financial (Previously known as Unity Life)

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RSA Group

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