TORONTO, Ont.  — The Guarantee Company of North America and NAL Insurance has partnered together to offer customers of the innovative Guarantee Transportation Solution (GTS) a comprehensive Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage alternative for owner-operators.

The partnership, effective immediately and available only to customers in Ontario, also aims to educate and guide fleets on the importance of implementing a comprehensive WSIB Alternative.

“When an owner-operator opts out of WSIB, it opens up the potential of a lawsuit to the fleet and their customers,” said Glenn Caldwell, vice-president of sales at NAL Insurance. “In the event of a motor vehicle accident normally WSIB would cover lost income and medical expenses. But with owners-operators that have opted out of WSIB, these claims can go directly to the Statutory Accident Benefits section of a fleet’s primary policy which can lead to huge rate increases the following year.”

“When an insured carrier allows their owner-operators to opt out of WSIB coverage, The Guarantee looks for best practice controls in place to help protect the insured,” added John Farquhar, transportation risk solutions specialists at The Guarantee. “These best practice controls must include a good solid alternative workplace coverage that is mandated for all owner-operators.”

The WSIB alternative must be administered by the insured carrier either with the owner-operator paying into the program and the provider monitoring compliance with reports back to the insured, or the insured paying for the program on behalf of the owner-operator. These controls are put in place to minimize the risks associated with opting out of WSIB. For more information on this partnership, please visit