NAL is now providing Mental Wellness coverage through a partnership with Shepell.

As the leading provider of WSIB/CNESST Alternative Solutions to fleets in Canada, we insure more than 300 Fleets and over 10,000 Owner-Operators.

Listen as Glenn Caldwell, VP of Corporate Development, discusses NAL Insurance and how its benefiting Owner-Operators and fleets alike. Glenn covers one of NAL’s newest products, Mental Wellness coverage which we have gained through our partnership with Shepell. As he explains Chronic Stress is now covered by WSIB so in order fill any gaps NAL is now offering its own chronic stress coverage. Our goal is to make sure our drivers a healthy.

As Glenn says, “A healthier driver will be a safer driver!”



If you’re interested in our Mental Wellness coverage contact us today!

Also, check out our Healthy Trucker website for more information on how to keep healthy on the road!