LONDON, Ont. – Healthy Trucker has announced a new series of wellness training videos for drivers.

Videos will be released weekly during the Healthy Fleet Challenge, and will be open to all participating teams. The training videos have been created to help drivers get the education they need to make better choices while out on the road.

“Most of the drivers we talk to are willing to do the work and make the healthier choices, but they simply lack the knowledge of what to choose,” said Andrea Morley, lead nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Trucker.

The average professional truck driver gains seven pounds a year, according to Healthy Trucker, which takes an incredible toll on their health over their lifetime. From limited healthy options available in truck stops, to a sedentary job behind the wheel, the odds are stacked against people to wish to maintain or improve their level of health when they become a driver.

The videos will be hosted in the Healthy Team app, where all Healthy Fleet Challenges are held. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices, making it easy for drivers the access the information while on the road.

The videos will be a great complement to the education provided in the Healthy Fleet Challenge. Videos will be released each week of the 2018 challenge, which will run during the following months:

Leg 1: January & February

Leg 2: May & June

Leg 3: September & October

If you would like your company to be included in the Healthy Fleet Challenge to gain access to the trainings, email