Read feedback from primary insurance companies in regards to NAL Insurance’s WSIB Alternative coverage for trucking fleets and owner-operators in Canada.


Primary Insurance - Re WSIB Alternative

“When an insured carrier allows their Owner/Operators to opt out of workers compensation coverage, we at The Guarantee look for best practice controls to be in place to help protect the insured as well as their transportation policy. These best practice controls must include a good solid alternative workplace coverage that is mandated for all owner-operators. This program must be administered by the insured carrier either with the owner-operator paying into the program and the provider monitoring compliance with reports back to the insured or the insured paying for the program on behalf of the owner-operator. These are controls that must be in place to minimize the associated risks. NAL is our strategic partner that will provide these best practice controls”.
John Farquhar- Risk Solutions Specialist, Transportation

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